Honorary Degrees announced

Honorary Degrees announced

Published: 25/04/2016

Three internationally-renowned artists to receive Honorary Degrees from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is to award Honorary Degrees on three of the world’s most successful artists at graduation ceremonies on Tuesday July 5 2016.

Those being honoured are actor and RCS alumnus David Tennant, world renowned choreographer Sir Matthew Bourne and the internationally-distinguished cellist, Ralph Kirshbaum.

David Tennant will be awarded an Honorary Doctor of Drama, Sir Matthew Bourne will receive an Honorary Doctor of Dance and Ralph Kirshbaum will receive an Honorary Doctor of Music.

On announcing the 2016 Honorary Doctors, Professor Jeffrey Sharkey, Principal of the RCS, said:

“I am delighted that RCS is to confer Honorary Degrees on these trulyworld-classand inspirational individuals. Theyrepresent the highest levels of artistry in their chosen disciplines and help promoteinternationalreach of the performing arts. It is fitting that such respected artists join the RCS family in the year that we are named in the world’s top ten for performing arts education.

We want to celebrate the exceptional achievements ofDavid, SirMatthewand Ralphandthe profound impact theyhaveon individuals and audiences around the world.Graduation isspecialtime for celebration and a great moment for us to congratulate those students who have completed their journey with us.Having stellar HonoraryDoctors such as the ones we are announcing today, provides a wonderful opportunity for our students andgraduandsto engage with and be inspired by these cultural leaders as they prepare to enter into the professional world”.

An actor of international stature, David Tennant is one of the country’s most versatile actors performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Hamlet and Richard II on stages in both the UK and in the USA, he was the world’s tenth Doctor Who, stars in the hugely popular Broadchurch series and is the comic book villain in Marvel’s Jessica Jones series.

Sir Matthew Bourne, hailed as one of the UK’s most popular and successful choreographers, has created and directed dance for some of the most successful musicals and operas produced all over the world. His latest production, the ballet version of the Oscar winning film, The Red Shoes, premiers later this year.

Distinguished cellist and educator of international standing, Ralph Kirshbaum is indisputably one of the most significant artists of the modern era. The career of Texas-born cellist Ralph Kirshbaum encompasses the worlds of solo performance, chamber music, recording and pedagogy and places him in the highest echelon of today’s cellists. He is respected not only by audiences worldwide, but also by his many eminent colleagues and students.

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is ranked sixth in the world for performing arts education.

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