Behind the scenes of an RCS photo shoot

Behind the scenes of an RCS photo shoot

Published: 11/03/2016

We are frequently told by students and visitors that RCS has brilliant photographs. From student performances and classroom rehearsals to campaign shots and portraits of our fabulous alumni, the RCS image bank has it all.

But what does it take to make a good photo?

We went behind the scenes with longstanding RCS photographer Ken Dundas to find out more about capturing the perfect shot for the new RCS campaign, Life is not a rehearsal.

“We need more flour.”

Ken Dundas’ vision for the photoshoot definitely required more flour. The new RCS creative campaign Life is not a rehearsal communicates the importance of choosing where to study students need to choose a conservatoire that offers the right culture and environment for them to learn, is in a city that is ripe with opportunity and has people in it that they can connect with. To showcase the ethos of RCS a place where you work hard, collaborate with other artists and become the best performer you can be we needed a striking image to bring the concept to life.

The idea behind this photo shoot is to show a passionate performer in action and who better to ask than first year Jazz student Lauren Macdonald the first female jazz drummer to study at RCS. Shooting Lauren in action at her drum set seemed the perfect way to capture the passion of a student loving the thrill of learning and performing. However, we always try and go a step further here at RCS and we wanted to capture the energy of Lauren’s performance, so we decided to see how flour would look when combined with a drum kit and a very enthusiastic percussionist”¦

Lauren was the perfect model. For more than three hours she hammered the drums whilst the Marketing team threw flour at her trying to get the perfect shot.

“I loved the photoshoot as it was something I have never done before it was really fun and creative to work with Ken and the team, and, of course, very messy.

Very messy indeed Lauren. You can watch this time-lapse video to see exactly how the shoot (and the clean-up operation) was carried out.



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