RCS introduces its first ever relaxed performance

RCS introduces its first ever relaxed performance

Published: 08/12/2015

RCSis to launchits first ever relaxed performance showthis festive season with a performance ofDick McWhittington, on Friday 11 December

The performance is specifically aimed at families and groups with one or more children with autism, additional learning needs or other sensory and communication needs, who require a more relaxed environment to enjoy the show.

As part of the relaxed performance there will be adjustments to light and sound during the event, with resources provided for families and groups to help them prepare for the visit, including a chill-out room.

Professor Maggie Kinloch, Deputy Principal of RCS is delighted to see this development in the RCS programme. “We are always looking to diversify our performances and have a more accessible audience experience on offer and the relaxed performances are now a part of our production schedule. We’re always looking at new ways to welcome people into RCS and we hope to introduce a new audience to what we have to offer.”

In preparation for anew series of relaxed performances, RCS has taken advice from the National Autistic Society. Heather Wildsmith, Cultural Development Manager for the NAS, said: “It was an honour to help RCS develop their first relaxed performance. At the National Autistic Society we are passionate about helping people with autism to enjoy new experiences, and I’m sure this panto will be the perfect festive treat for many of the families we support!”

The RCS intends to offer a variety of performance in the relaxed format, allowing more of the diverse art forms on offer to be available to those who require a more relaxed setting.

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