RCS launch new campaign: Life is not a rehearsal

RCS launch new campaign: Life is not a rehearsal

Published: 11/03/2016

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland today launches its new brand identity campaign aimed at attracting students to study at one of the world’s most innovative conservatoires.

The key campaign message, Life is not a rehearsal, speaks to prospective performing arts students who are making the important and life-changing decision where to apply for higher education study.

The concept behind the Royal Conservatoire’s new brand identity focuses on the intensive and challenging nature of undergraduate and postgraduate study in the performing arts. Future students need to think about choosing a place to study which gives them access to not only the best teachers, performance programmes and cultural ethos, but also is located in a city where creative opportunities are plentiful.

The new campaign and brand identity messaging was created with Tangent Graphic, the award-winning agency behind the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Their clients include Turner Prize and Glasgow City Marketing Bureau.

The campaign launches today, with the first unveiling of the Royal Conservatoire’s flagship publication, its new prospectus.

The new brand direction will also be rolled out digitally and across the RCS campus estate. This campaign will see the institution evolve its brand for the first time since the renaming of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2011.

Professor Jeffrey Sharkey, Principal of RCS is excited by how well the prospectus captures the energy and innovation of the RCS:

The Royal Conservatoire is unique we are the only conservatoire in Europe where students from all the performing arts disciplines come together to study their art to the highest level and learn, collaborate and create across disciplines .

Choosing where to study is one of the most critical decisions students need to make the decision will affect where they live, what friends and connections they will make and what direction their career may take. This new campaign urges students to think about all of these things life is not a rehearsal, so you need to make sure you learn in the right environment, at the best institution and live in a city which offers you opportunities to begin your career.

We hope this new brand identity helps students understand more about what life is like at RCS and we look forward to welcoming them to our conservatoire.”

David Whyte, Creative Director of Tangent comments:

“Tangent is delighted to be working with the Royal Conservatoire on such a high profile project. Our brief was to create a campaign that communicated a stronger sense of the RCS ethos, and firmly rooted the brand in Glasgow and Scotland.

The campaign is based around a simple premise – ”˜Life is not a rehearsal’. Making it in the performing arts is really difficult. If a student has the talent and dedication, RCS, based in the heart of Glasgow, offers a collaborative, connected environment that gives them the very best chance to succeed.

The campaign visuals add a contemporary edge to the current RCS brand, and consistently tie together all the various student recruitment materials”.

Jazz student Lauren Macdonald was to play a part in the campaign:

As a musician Ive never done a photo shoot before but I absolutely loved being part of this new campaign I cant wait to see new studentsreaction to it.

RCS is such a fun, friendly environment with so many extremely talented students. The teachers and students here create an atmosphere which inspires me to do more as a musician and as a person.”

For more information, contact the RCS Press Office on 0141 270 8387 or email communications@rcs.ac.uk.

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