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Free Carbon Literacy Training for Staff and Students | 27-29 February

Carbon Literacy training is for all staff and students across the Conservatoire who have not already completed the course. The training will be delivered by Jennifer Taillefer in our production classroom at Wallace Studios between 27-29 February.

The course will cover:

Part 1: The Science of the Climate Emergency

What is actually happening to the planet, and how do we know it’s happening? This section delves into the reasons for the change, looking at economics, consumer behaviour, energy sources and manufacturing. Concepts such as feedback loops and tipping points to explain why the emergency has become so very immediate. Throughout this section, you will look at how artists have responded to the climate emergency, and how art can be used to raise awareness. Using video and first-person accounts, everyone will see how climate change is already affecting people’s lives across huge areas of the globe.

Part 2: Training is all about solutions

Delving into what theatres and other arts organisations are already doing, including innovations in on-stage work, marketing, front of house, fundraising and dramaturgy. You will look at some examples of this and work in breakout groups to discuss both how our artistic practice can grow and change, and how we can involve and engage our audiences, funders, and other stakeholders. Finally, everyone looks at personal spheres of influence and how changes in our own daily lives can not only bring about significant change but inspire awareness in others.

Part 3: Dedicated to learning

How to speak about the climate emergency to others, and how to set ourselves goals within our sphere of control and our sphere of influence. These goals will go on to form the basis of the small homework project each participant must complete in order to gain the Certificate of Carbon Literacy.

Please complete the form to note your interest and preferred day. The course has limited availability, which is why we ask you to select more than one date. The day will begin at 9am and end by 5pm. This training is a one-day course with the option to complete a homework project in order to gain the certification of Carbon Literacy.

Deadline for all applications is 16 February. You will receive confirmation of your place on 19 February.