“The fear of cultural irrelevance often sets the boots of the prototypical classical musician into an uncontrollable quiver – at least, that was my experience prior to attending RCS. What RCS perhaps best thrives at is instilling in its students the belief that classical music most certainly has a place in modern society should its practitioners remain committed to the continued innovation and evolution of their chosen craft.
“My professors at RCS impressed upon me the importance of being brave and the willingness to take chances, both musically and professionally. To them, my purpose was to learn, and at times learning is not synonymous with performative perfection. That said, the training I received was challenging, and absolute commitment to the task at hand was not only expected, but necessary. Combined with the professional opportunities that I received because of my attendance at Conservatoire, the MA programme ensured that I was prepared for life as a career violinist.”
— JP Radelet

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