Science, Humanities, and Arts Research Exchange (SHARE)

SHARE is an initiative to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations between academic staff at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the University of St Andrews. We seek to identify staff at each institution who are interested in interdisciplinary collaborations, to make introductions between RCS and St Andrews staff with overlapping interests, to support the development of any collaborative interdisciplinary projects that should arise, and to act as a hub for sharing the development and outcomes of these projects. We also support interdisciplinary collaborations between RCS and St Andrews students, and interdisciplinary PhD students co-supervised by RCS and St Andrews academic staff. Long-term plans also include interdisciplinary research workshops, conferences, and retreats.

Please contact Dr Emily Doolittle ( at RCS or Dr Ines Jentzsch( at St Andrews with any further questions.

Current Projects

RCS and St Andrews Interdisciplinary Mini-Symposium: The first Interdisciplinary Mini-Symposium took place on November 21 2019.

Interdisciplinary PhD Students

Consider the subtleness of the sea’: An interdisciplinary music-science investigation into humpback whalesong. PhD student Alex South, co-supervised by Luke Rendell and Ellen Garland (St Andrews) and Emily Doolittle (RCS)

Exploring the Relationship between Imitation and Dance.PhD student TBA, co-supervised by Kevin Laland (St Andrews) and Laura Gonzalez (RCS)

– Enhancing Performance Quality and Resilience in Musicians through Biofeedback. PhD student Claire Ruckert, co-supervised by Ines Jentzsch (St Andrews) and Rachel Drury (RCS)

RCS/St Andrews Student Collaborations

– Biomusic: A collaborative concert and discussion with RCS masters and PhD composition students, St Andrews PhD biology students, interdisciplinary doctoral student Alex South (RCS/St Andrews), the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Bede Williams (St Andrews), Emily Doolittle (RCS), and others. Concert on November 13, details TBA.

Sounding Out Astronomy: A collaborative concert and discussion between RCS masters composition students and St Andrews MSc physics students, organized by Anne-Marie Weijmans (St Andrews), with Bede Williams (St Andrews), Oliver Searle (RCS) and Emily Doolittle (RCS)

RCS/St Andrews Academic Staff Collaborations

”˜James MacMillan’s Changing Musical ”˜Translations’ of the Passion Narrative’: Richard McGregor (RCS), Research Seminar at ITIA (St Andrews)

Conversation: A piece based on grey seal vocalisations by Emily Doolittle (RCS), based on poetry by Eleonore Schönmaier and grey seal research by Vincent Janik (St Andrews), conducted by Bede Williams (St Andrews) and performed by the St Andrews New Music Ensemble

Places to Apply for Funding

Internal Funding Available for RCS and St Andrews Staff

– Travel bursaries:The Department of Research and Knowledge Exchange may provide travel bursaries for RCS staff travelling to St Andrews to meet with collaborators. Please contact for further information.

– Athenaeum Research Awards: SHARE participants can apply for up to £3000 of funding for their projects. Please contact Stephanie Edwards (Knowledge Exchange Coordinator) for further information.

St Leonard’s Interdisciplinary Scholarships: PhD projects co-supervised by RCS and St Andrews academic staff are eligible for consideration.

External Funding

We are compiling a growing database of external funding sources for interdisciplinary projects (please let us know if there are any we are missing). Members of the RCS Research and Knowledge Exchange will be happy to provide feedback on grant applications prior to submission. Please contact for assistance.

Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland

Culture and Animals Foundation

Wellcome Trust

The Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow

Royal Society of Edinburgh (small grants)

SGSAH Collaborative Doctoral Awards

APEX Awards

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