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Life is not a rehearsal

You need more than talent and determination to make it in the performing arts.

You need to make the right choices, learn in the right environment and live in a city that creates opportunity.

Whether your talent lies in music, drama, dance, production or film, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has everything to help you realise your life ambition.

There are lots of reasons why RCS is the best place for you to study. Our aim for you, as an RCS graduate, is to leave us as a confident, creative citizen ready to make your impact on the performing arts and across society. Here are just some of the reasons why studying at RCS is so special:

  • Place. We are located in the heart of Glasgow, the country’s biggest and most vibrant city. Glasgow is bursting with arts and culture, with more than 130 live music performances taking place each week and over a dozen theatres in the city centre alone. It’s a city where artists, filmmakers, devisors, musicians, directors, dancers and performers can come together, artistically challenge one another and be inspired. RCS replicates Glasgow’s vibrant, multicultural atmosphere. Within our one campus we have actors, dancers, musicians, production artists, filmmakers, composers and performers all working together, as well as developing their own disciplinary excellence.
  • Performance is everything. The curriculum is built around allowing you to be the best performing or production artist possible. You will have multiple opportunities work on live productions during your studies at RCS; every year there are more than 500 performances programmed to take place across our five professional venues.
  • Learn from the best. Our teachers are experts in their field, with many still working and performing regularly in the industry. We also run a vast masterclass programme with visiting artists from across the world coming to RCS to teach and work with you.
  • Inclusive and diverse. You’ll find this an extremely inclusive environment. We are proud of our commitment to equality and diversity and we value and respect the identity of each individual. By celebrating the diversity of all of our students, across all of our art forms, we believe we will greatly enrich the performing arts industry.
  • Choose your own path. Every student’s learning journey is unique. You have your own ambitions, aspirations and talents, so we’ll work with you to help you to choose your own path.
  • 90-minute lesson for musicians. We offer the most one-to-one tuition for musicians on their principal study than any other conservatoire in the UK.

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