The Anti-Racism Action Plan and the Anti-Racism Action Plan Appendix were published in August 2020, and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Important Information

The RCS Anti-Racism Action Plan (ARAP) was created in 2020 and shows some key activities undertaken in our journey towards being a more equitable and just community of students and staff. RCS is launching a new institutional Strategic Plan taking us through 2030. As part of this, we will be reflecting on lessons learned, as well as how we develop further in a way that is embedded fully in our values and goals. The new Strategic Plan will be published soon. Until then this ARAP remains an active point of reference.


Anti-Racism Action Plan – January 2022

Anti-Racism Action Plan – September 2021

Anti-Racism Action Plan – June 2021 

Anti-Racism Action Plan – March 2021

Anti-Racism Action Plan – December 2020