The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland understands that for those planning to pursue a career in the performing arts, securing funding for development, training and pre-higher education activities can be challenging.

The Drama Scholarship aims to support prospective performers and producers of theatre, television and film as they move towards a formal training, potentially at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

The aim of the Drama Scholarship is to support students of the future to:

  • explore new creative ideas
  • encourage personal development and growth
  • invest in best practice

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is particularly keen to work with young people with talent who face additional barriers to participation, training and a career within the industry.

Each year, the Drama Scholarship programme offers promising theatre, production or film practitioners up to £1000 to invest in a range of training and mentoring activities at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland within the Short Courses programme.

As part of the award, a personal learning plan will be developed to support the recipient’s creative development – this will include mentoring sessions with industry specialists.

Each recipient will be awarded:

  • Up to £1000, to be allocated within the Royal Conservatoire’s Short Courses programme during the 2023-24 academic year
  • A personal learning plan developed with the Short Courses department
  • Mentor pairing within the Royal Conservatoire or relevant industry practitioners as appropriate

Recipients will be expected to keep a reflective learning journal throughout the year which will be used to shape discussion at your mentoring sessions. Support in structuring the journal will be provided in advance of the programme of study.


Applicants must be aged 16+ and be based in Scotland. They should be able to demonstrate:

  • a passion for and commitment to their evolving artistic practice
  • training needs in relation to a specialist area

At the end of the award period participants will be expected to attend a one-hour meeting to report on their overall progress and discuss future progression.


How to Apply

Deadline for applications: Applications are now closed.

Candidates should send an email application to including the following information:

  • A short biography, including your training/career goals and aspirations
  • A one page application or 1-2 minute filmed statement detailing your field of interest and plans for developing your work – you should describe specifically how you see the Drama Scholarship assisting with meeting your training/career goals
  • A letter of recommendation from a mentor, teacher, tutor or artist who knows you, your work and your ambitions
  • A list of the courses which you would like to use the Drama Scholarship to attend.

Applications deemed complete and eligible will be submitted to a Drama Scholarship Committee. Short-listed candidates will be notified by email within two weeks of application. An interview with each short-listed candidate will be carried out and awards made to successful candidates within the following four weeks.

Interview Process

During your interview you will be ask to:

  • Describe specifically how you see the Drama Scholarship assisting with meeting your training/career goals
  • Talk about the courses you would select as part of your scholarship. You will be asked to explain your choices and how you feel this would aid your development (you can receive up to £1000)
  • Outline clear and realistic goals for your time as a recipient of the Drama Scholarship
  • Describe what kind of mentor you would wish to be paired with and what you would hope to get from your relationship with them

Please note:

The panel may decide to only fund certain aspects of your application. £1000 is the maximum award that will be made.

Participation in the Drama Scholarship scheme in no way advantages or disadvantages a recipient in relation to a degree application or further training at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.