1. Your contract with us
  • Once you have completed your online booking and received your confirmation email or dated payment receipt, you are deemed to have a contract with RCS.
  • Under The Consumer Rights Act 2015, you have a right to cancel your contract with us within 14 days (known as a cooling off period). Please see our Cancellation and Refunds Policy for more details on this and for details of cancellations and refunds out with the 14 day cooling off period.

Your contract with us means that you will:

  • Hold that place for the full duration of the course, unless you cancel your booking (see our Cancellation and Refund Policy)
  • Responsible for payment for the full course (see section 3)
  • Liable for all absences which must be paid for whether the absence is authorised or unauthorised.
  • Ensure you have the correct permissions to study in the UK i.e, international students should ensure they have the correct visa in place for attending a course.


  1. Short Courses and Junior Conservatoire Privacy Policy
  • We collect certain information or data about you when you use rcs.ac.uk and when you book a course or make an application using the rcs.ac.uk website.

We collect:

  • Your email address and all personal application details when you make your application online.
  • Questions, queries or feedback you leave, including your email address if you contact us.
  • Your IP address, and details of which version of web browser you used.

This data can be viewed solely by authorised people at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to:

  • Allow you to access RCS services (e.g. courses) and make the necessary financial transactions.
  • Gather feedback to improve our services, for example our email alerts.
  • Respond to any feedback or enquiries you send us, if you’ve asked us to.
  • Send email alerts to users who request them.
  • Sending information over the internet is generally not completely secure, and we can’t guarantee the security of your data while it’s in transit. Any data you send is at your own risk. We have procedures and security features in place to keep your data secure once we receive it.
  • We will store your data on secure servers. We have strict controls over how and why your data can be accessed. By submitting your personal data when you enter into a contract with us, you agree to this.
  • We may pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so, or if we have to enforce or apply our terms and conditions and other agreements relating to your contract with us. This includes exchanging information with other departments within RCS.
  • We won’t share your information with any third party organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes, and we don’t pass on your details to other websites.

RCS Adheres to the Data Protection Act. In doing so, we will ensure your data is:

  • Used fairly and lawfully
  • Used for limited, specifically stated purposes
  • Used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Accurate
  • Kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
  • Handled according to people’s data protection rights
  • Kept safe and secure
  • Not transferred outside the European Economic Area without adequate protection.


2.9 You can find out what information we hold about you, and ask us not to use any of the information we collect, at any time, by contacting us in writing using by email to juniors@rcs.ac.uk or shortcourses@rcs.ac.uk



  1. Use of Images


  • When you book, we ask you to give permission for RCS to use images of the student for educational and promotional purposes.
  • Promotional purposes includes using images in print and online media, including social networking sites and the RCS website.
  • Educational purposes includes using images for training, teaching and documenting activity in archives.
  • Any images will be used by and for RCS only. We will never sell your image to a third party.
  • As part of our commitment to ensure the safety of students, we do not permit photographs, film or other images of students to be taken or used with the consent of the parent/carer where the student is under the age of 18.
  • The RCS follows national guidance for the use of images of children and young people.
  • The RCS takes all steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes for which they are intended, which is the promotion and celebration of the activity of our students.
  • If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately, you should inform us immediately.
  • If at any time the student (aged 13 and over) or parent/carer (if student is under 13) wish the data to be removed from use, notice must be given in writing to RCS using juniors@rcs.ac.uk or shortcourses@rcs.ac.uk after which the data will be removed within a reasonable timescale.


  1. Payment of course fees
  • When you book a course, you will be asked to make full payment for the course or to make an initial payment and setup a payment plan.
  • The RCS does not offer credit agreements. Therefore all payment plans must be made ahead of course activities and payment must be made in full before the last day of the course.
  • At this stage, we do not collect or store any credit/debit card information or bank details.
  • All of our payments are managed through our secure booking system, Sage Pay, Europe’s leading independent payment service provider (PSP).
  • All payment deadlines must be adhered to. If you have any problems with payment at any point from commencing your contract with us, you should contact us as soon as possible.
  • If you develop a debt profile with us, you will be asked to leave the course. You will not be refunded for any fees you have paid in relation to the course and will be liable for fees for the remainder of the course you have signed up to (please see our Cancellations and Refund Policy).


  1. Promotional offers and discounts
  • From time to time, RCS may advertise promotional offers and discount codes for courses which reduce the price of the course for a limited period.
  • To qualify to use a discount code, the student must meet any conditions of the discount at the time of enrolment and be prepared to provide supporting evidence where necessary.
  • Short Courses student standard discounts offered are:
  • 10% off for sibling/s of a current student.
  • 10% off when you book 2 or more like for like course at the same time (like for like meaning duration of class, age range of class and price of class).
  • 15% off any summer school programme for Short Courses Saturday drama weekly students for a limited time period as specified in our promotional offers pages.
  • Junior Conservatoire student standard discounts offered are:
  • 10% off for sibling/s of a current student.
  • 15% off any summer school programme for a limited time period as specified in our promotional offers pages.
  • If you qualify for a discount, please contact the Summer, Short Courses or Junior Conservatoire teams to receive a discount code.
  • Only one discount may be claimed per student, per booking.
  • Discounts may be withdrawn at any time.
  • Discounts can be applied at point of payment for course by using a discount code.
  • Discount codes must be used at time of booking. No retrospective discounts will be given.
  • If you have already paid for a course which a discount then becomes available for, you will not be able to receive a retrospective discount unless you cancel your booking and re-book. If you choose to do this, our cancellation and refund policy applies please read this carefully before taking any action.


  1. Bursary and scholarship applications
  • The RCS offers students the opportunity to apply for bursary and scholarships to give financial support for courses.
  • Students may apply for a bursary/scholarship as many times as they like in any financial year. However, priority will be given to students who have not yet been awarded support from us in the current academic year.
  • All Short Courses bursary and scholarship applications will be assessed after the deadline of the 1st of each month. Any applications received after this date, will not be assessed until the following month. The panel will review all applications and aim to provide outcomes within 14 working days.
  • For information about bursaries and scholarships available on Junior Conservatoire courses please contact them directly: juniorsddpf@rcs.ac.uk
  • Short Courses students must reserve a space and a make an initial deposit on a course to secure their place. If the student is unable to secure a deposit, please contact bursaryscholarship@rcs.ac.uk to discuss potential options.
  • Bursary outcomes do not guarantee a place on any course, nor do they affect the student’s position on the waiting list.
  • If a student is successful in their application, the bursary/scholarship monies will go directly to supporting their fees for their chosen course.
  • If a student is successful in their application, they will not be awarded any further funds for other courses in that same academic year.
  • The Transitions programme is not a bursary or scholarship scheme, it is a programme of study. Enquiries about this programme should be made directly to transitions@rcs.ac.uk
  • Transitions students may not apply for additional bursary or scholarship monies in that same academic year that they are a Transitions student.
  • Bursary and scholarship funds must be used towards course fees in that same academic year. Funds cannot be deferred to another year, a new application must be submitted for each student, course and year.
  • Bursary/scholarships must be used for the course applied for and cannot be transferred to another course. i.e. If a student is awarded a bursary/scholarship and then cancels their place on a course, the bursary/scholarship will be lost and will be re-allocated in the next round of applications.
  • If a student is on the waiting list for their course, any successful bursary awards do not change their position in the waiting list. The award will be held for the student and awarded if a space becomes available.
  • Failure to complete a course during the period to which the bursary/scholarship award applies will result in the award being treated as a loan to be repaid within that academic year.
  • Please check eligibility criteria for bursary and scholarships before applying. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they meet any criteria laid out.
  • Anyone awarded a bursary/scholarship must complete a feedback form at the end of their course demonstrating how the financial support benefitted them. Failure to do so may result in no further awards to that student in future academic years.
  • Once offered a bursary/scholarship, the student must accept the award within 14 days. Offers will include a deadline, if the student has not accepted, responded or booked onto the course before this deadline, the offer of support will be removed, and the application considered closed.