Information for EU Students

Q: What is the fee situation for EU students?

A: On July 9 2020 Scotland’s Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, Richard Lochhead announced changes to the fee regime for EU students studying in Scotland. From academic year 21/22 onwards, all EU students commencing study in Scotland will pay fees at the International rate.

If you need more information, there is guidance for EU students in the UK.

Please check our Fees and Funding section for the most up-to-date information

Q: I’m an EU student looking to start my studies in 2024/25. How does this impact me?

A: From academic year 2021/22 onwards, all EU students commencing study in Scotland will pay fees at the International rate.

Only EU nationals who are ‘settled’ or ‘pre-settled’ in the UK will remain eligible to apply for home tuition fees providing they meet the residency conditions.

Other EU nationals and associated groups, starting a course of study in 24/25 are not eligible to apply to SAAS for tuition fee support.

Because of a long-standing agreement between the UK and Republic of Ireland, new students from the Republic of Ireland will be eligible to pay the rest of UK (RUK) fee and will be able to access a tuition fee loan from SAAS.

Please also see the SAAS website for more information.

Q: Will there be scholarship support available to EU students?

A: The RCS Trust currently disburses more than £1.3million to incoming and continuing undergraduate, postgraduate and research students from Scotland, the rest of the UK, and international (including EU students) on the basis of merit and/or financial need. You can find more details on the Scholarship section of the website.

In addition, the Scottish Government in July 2020 committed to exploring a scholarship programme specifically to support European students to study in Scotland. We will share further details as soon they become available.

Q: I’m an EU student currently studying at RCS. Does this impact on me?

A: No. EU students who have already started their studies prior to Sept 2021, will not be affected and will still be eligible for tuition fee support for the entirety of their course.