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Introduction to Filmmaking: Editing

Short Courses – 10 Week


Editing is often referred to as a ‘second chance to direct.’ This is where all the raw footage and potential for a film comes together to be shaped into a finished article. An understanding of editing is a crucial skill for any want-to-be filmmaker.

Working on footage shot as part of the Short Course ‘Shooting Scenes’ participants will be assigned a scene to edit during the course.

The in-person course aims to provide an insight into the professional world of film editing, giving participants the opportunity to use industry standard software, be introduced to the terminology and create their own edit of a film.

By the end of the course participants should:

  • Understand how to load and log all footage
  • How to safely back up all files
  • How to use the production paperwork to assist the editing process
  • How to import music, audio and images into a project
  • How to mix and set audio levels
  • How to select the correct shots to achieve the proper look and feel of the film
  • How to export a finished film into various formats for a variety of outputs
Credit Rated Bolt On

We hope to offer a credit-rated bolt on for this class, giving students the opportunity to gain SCQF credits upon submission. This will not be mandatory, however students can register by following the information in the Credit-Rated tab below.

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16 April - 18 June 2025

Wednesdays, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 100 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3DB

Course Information

This course is both for people who have never used editing software before and for those who wish to develop their practical and creative editing skills.

The most important student attribute is a passion for filmmaking and a desire to be creative.

The course will also suit professionals from other backgrounds who wish to gain experience in filmmaking.

There is no preparation required before attending the course. Students are advised to bring a notepad and pen for note taking.

Credit-rated short courses are designed in accordance with the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

By studying a credit-rated short course, students can benchmark their learning against national standards, and credits may be used towards further education programmes at many institutions throughout the world.

This course consists of 20 contact hours as well as additional independent study.

It is worth* 10 SCQF credits and 5 ECTS credits. This course is set at SCQF level 6. *Subject to validation.

There is an additional fee of £95 to take part in the credit-rated portion of the course. Please ensure you have already signed up to the course via the Book Now button on the webpage. Once you have completed that, please sign up for the credit-rated option, by completing this booking form:

Credit-rated Booking Form

By studying a credit-rated course, you will need to be matriculated to RCS*, we require some additional information from credit-rated students for this reason. Please read through the section below thoroughly before you submit. If you have any questions about what is required, please email and we can help you.

* Please note although Credit-Rated Short Courses students require matriculation to get their accreditation, you will not be a full time matriculated student of RCS. Credit-Rated Short Courses do not qualify for student visas due to the short term nature of the course. You will also not qualify for a student email address or student card.

Please read the following eligible evidence dependant on your nationality and immigration status:

Scottish/Welsh/English/Northern Irish 
(Please provide 1 of the following)
– Passport
– UK Driving Licence
– Other Photo ID

Irish (Please provide all of the following)
– Passport

Europeans with Settled or Pre-Settled Status (Please provide all of the following)
– Passport
– Online Immigration Status (via Sharecode)

Europeans (post-Brexit) (Please provide all of the following)
– Passport
– Proof of Entry to the UK
– Online Immigration Status (via Sharecode)

Non-Europeans who can use the e-gates (Nationals of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and Japan) (Please provide all of the following)
– Passport
– Proof of Entry to the UK
– Vignette
– Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

Online Credit Rated courses:
– if studying an online credit-rated course from your own country (outside of UK) you are only required to submit your passport.
– if studying an online credit-rated course within the UK, but do not hold a UK passport, please follow the guidance from above.

The Credit Rated or Admissions team may require further information or proof from individuals, and may be in contact with you to provide further evidence.

Providing a ShareCode
If you are providing a ShareCode as part of your evidence please visit and follow the instructions to access your code, and provide it in the Experience section of the Booking Form.

This course will run in-person on Wednesday evenings for 10-weeks from 16 April – 18 June 2025, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

The course fee is £230 which is the equivalent to £23 per session, and can be paid in full or in instalments before the course end date.

Further Information

We want to ensure as many children, young people and adult learners as possible can access the performing and production arts education that is offered through Short Courses at RCS. Financial support options available for Short Courses include:

Agnes Allan Bursary

Agnes Allan was a teacher, passionate about inclusion, and this bursary scheme exists to offer support to students to participate in the performing or production arts.

The Agnes Allan Bursary provides some support to students who may require financial assistance to take part in a short course in dance, drama, music, production or screen.

Anyone who wishes to take part in our Short Courses and faces a financial barrier can apply for bursary support to help meet the cost of tuition fees.

James McAvoy Drama Scholarships

BAFTA-winning and Golden Globe nominated actor James McAvoy is committed to nurturing the creative potential of young Scots who experience barriers to access and participate in drama at RCS Short Courses.

James is a graduate of the BA Acting programme at RCS and Patron of the Junior Conservatoire of Drama. The Glasgow-born actor has funded the new James McAvoy Drama Scholarships to enable young people to experience the world-class drama training at RCS as he did.

The scholarship aims to support applicants who would otherwise find meeting the cost of tuition fees at RCS a barrier to accessing pre-Higher Education drama training at the Royal Conservatoire.

You can find more information about these funds on our Financial Support page.

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