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(For ages 14 – 18 years)

Acting continues to be the most competitive programme for entry to drama school across the UK. The Junior Conservatoire Acting course aims to work with a small number of aspiring actors who want to hone their skills and work towards a professional career in the industry. Successful applicants can select to do solely the skills development option, or the skills development plus performing company option.

Skills development – Sundays / Sep – June / Wallace Studios and Renfrew Street Campus

The skills development programme for Acting is split into three levels. Younger and more inexperienced actors will need to complete Level 1 before progressing to Level 2 in the following year. and Level 3 thereafter.

During the three year programme, your curriculum will include:

  • technical movement skills
  • using the physical body as a tool for expression
  • vocal skills
  • script analysis
  • characterisation choices and development
  • technique to create and refine character
  • rehearsing and performing scenes and monologues

Junior Conservatoire company – Acting – Evenings / Sep – June / Wallace Studios and Renfrew Street Campus

We have designed a young company programme that will allow you to gain experience in other venues and perform in front of an audience. This is especially beneficial for students who wish to put their skills development techniques to use in a practical performance setting.