Music Centres

In partnership with local authorities and supported by Youth Music Initiative funding, RCS Music Centres are currently enabling approximately 500 children and young people across the West of Scotland to discover the joy of making music.

The centres are open access (non-auditioned) and support children to learn a music instrument in an ensemble setting.

Our music centres help to develop a child’s interest and skill in music, and provide a clear progression to further arts training for those who are dedicated and show real potential.

We currently run centres in the following areas:

  • Armadale, West Lothian for pupils in P4-S6 (Classical strings)
  • Livingston, West Lothian for pupils in P4-S6 (Classical strings)
  • Bannockburn, Stirling for pupils in P4-S6 (Classical strings)
  • Callander, Stirling for pupils in P4-S6 (Traditional music)
  • Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway for pupils in P4-S6 (Classical strings)
  • Glengarnock, North Ayrshire for pupils in P1-S6 (Classical strings)
  • Stranraer for pupils in P4 (Classical strings)


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