Session One 

  • Introduction to the core performance elements and techniques – eye lines, personal continuity, working with props and costume, and on set terminology.
  • Discussion of the various shot sizes, what they cover (what can be seen by the camera) and how that can affect your performance.
  • Tips on selecting a scene – what things to look out for, how to select pieces that best highlight your performing skills, and what scenes to avoid. 
  • Cold Reads and Script analysis 
Session Two 
  • For this session students should have two speeches that they may wish to perform and develop over the course. These can be scenes that contrast (a comedic and dramatic piece) or are similar in tone. If available, students are encouraged to share a link to the scene (if it has been uploaded to a site, such as youtube or vimeo). 
  • Should students be keen, and have the time, to film a duologue, they are encouraged to have the duologue selected for this session. 
  • Scenes can be in a PDF or word document, and should be uploaded to the Teams page in advance of this class.
  • How to shoot your scene/self tape – advise on both the technical and practical side of filming a self tape by yourself.
  • Read throughs of the chosen speeches, with reflection on the scenes from the group and the facilitator. By the end of the session students will decide which of their speeches they would like to develop over the remaining classes. The students will then have one week to record and upload the video to Teams. This can be uploaded at any point during the week, but has to be online in advance of the next class, so it can be viewed and discussed during the class.
Session Three  
  • Reflection and evaluation on the first attempt at the speech. Feedback on your performance from the tutor and notes and guidance on how to develop it. 
  • Class discussion on the scenes and the potential duologues 
  • The second attempt at the scene should be uploaded between this class and the next session. 
Session Four  
  • Reflection and evaluation of speech. As the performance grows the feedback may focus more on aspects such as, costuming, props, physicality and technical advice on the recording. 
  • Time to rehearse the monologues and duologues. 

Final tape to be uploaded in advance of the final class. 

Session Five 
  • Feedback on Final tape. 
  • Question and Answer with the tutor. 
  • Reflection on the term and the development of the students.