Student representatives are here to represent you and relay the feedback or issues you bring them to the appropriate staff member.  Please bear in mind that you can also always approach the Student Union, your Head of Department/Programme, or any other staff member at any time, should you require assistance/advice.

There are two different types of student representatives.

  • Student Programme Representatives
  • Student Union Representatives

Programme Representatives attend the termly Programme Committee meetings along with their Head of Programme and other staff members to raise issues, give feedback, propose improvements, participate in discussions relevant to their programmes.

Student Union Representatives attend the monthly Student Union Council Meetings,  where council members are updated by the Student Union Executive on ongoing issues,  reps are expected to report any departmental issues, provide updates on programmes and be involved in decision making taken by the Student Union Council.

Student Union Representatives are in place for each of the following disciplines:

Programme Representatives for Academic Session 2023/2024 are in place for each programme throughout the Conservatoire.

Student Union Representatives for Academic Session 2023/2024 will be confirmed after elections take place in October each year.