Hello and welcome to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. As Principal of this institution, it gives me great pride to introduce you to one of the most dynamic and collaborative performing arts conservatoires in the world.

Located in the heart of Scotland, this institution has a distinctive energy you won’t find anywhere else. This environment is created through the combination of all of the art forms working together on the one campus, the quality and caring nature of our teachers and staff and the vibrancy and legendary friendliness of the city of Glasgow.

I believe what makes this institution so special is all of our students. It is your contributions that will echo in our halls long after you complete your studies. The discoveries and insights you gain into your art will be even more significant because you will do so among friends. You will share the excitement in the large scale – of a new production, a new ensemble, a new set; and you will find joy in the small scale – turning a phrase eloquently, perfecting a pas de chat and plumbing the depths of a complex character. I cannot wait to see and hear the results of your hard work and I wish you all the best for what should prove to be some of the most exciting years of your lives.

Professor Jeffrey Sharkey


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