A taster of the BA Production Technology and Management course

Hello! My name is Stuart Henderson and I am currently a 3rd year Production, Technology and Management student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland specialising in Sound.  Here’s a short insight into my journey at RCS.

Audition Process

The audition process for BA Production, Technology and Management is a stringent, yet effective one. Before the interview you will be sent an exercise to complete. During the interview, you will then be asked to talk about the exercise and how you went about completing it as well as discussing a recent piece of theatre that you have seen.

I suggest that having a detailed portfolio of your work is helpful towards a successful interview. This should illustrate past experience and it would serve as a place from which to draw information and talking points in the interview.

As well as discussing past work, questions will be asked about academic records, previous theatre/production experiences and your hobbies and interests. You will also get a building tour from a current student on the course and giving you an opportunity to ask questions.

Area of Specialism

My area of specialism is Sound. With a passion for live sound both in a theatre and in a concert setting I knew this course was for me. The adrenaline of live sound and the diversity of it makes it my ideal profession.

At the Conservatoire, in your first year, you are given the opportunity to cover different roles in the production departments: Lighting, Sound, Stage Management & Technical Stage. In 2nd and 3rd year you then split off into your specialism. I feel this is highly beneficial as it gives you a broader knowledge and understanding of various departments in a production as well as developing your own practice.

The sound department at RCS is a vibrant, supporting and hard-working department. Our mission statement highlights this: “The student sound team at RCS work together, supporting each other and any other individual who comes into contact with the team. We work hard to remain inclusive and understanding of the needs and ideas of others.” – PTM Sound Department Mission Statement


Collaboration is key to success both within RCS and also in the wider industry/community. Which is why communications is one of the modules taught on the course.  Without collaboration a production would simply not happen. Cross departmental work is crucial, and communication and collaboration are fundamental to this.

Collaboration with other art forms and other disciplines across the School of Music and the School of Drama, Dance, Production & Film is a daily occurrence within the conservatoire and the ability to understand, respond and collaborate is fundamental.

RCS Student Life

Student life plays an important part in your academic journey. From late night socialising to early morning café and bacon roll chats, these all play a part in your journey here at RCS!  I stay at home and still feel part of a strong student life. Whether you stay at home or in the halls of residence – Base – I am sure you too will feel the same. The work of the Student Union also goes a long way to help achieve this.

My Favourite Project So Far…

One of my favourite projects so far has just taken place. This was an acting show, ‘The Bacchae’. It was the first show that the conservatoire produced and performed within the last 7 months. It was rehearsed, rigged, teched, dressed and performed socially distanced to a small internal audience whilst being recorded. This brought its challenges, but I feel that as Sound Designer on the show, working with two other sound students, we were able to fulfil the sound departments mission statement and also accomplishing our Learning Outcomes; one step closer towards being ready to graduate.

This is a show that I and others at the Conservatoire are not going to forget about and will be remembered for a long time. This is something that I am sure you will also experience if you decide to study here.

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