Festive Treats and Top Telly Picks

The times outside are frightful.

But some things can be delightful.

And since there’s no place to go.

Log in now, log in now, log in now.

Who knew Bing Crosby was so ahead of the curve? There’s always one thing that gets us into the festive spirit, and that’s the sparkling films, telly, theatre, dance, and music on offer we can consume through whatever screens we have at our fingertips.

So, join us for a round-up of everything on the RCS’ radar happening this Christmas.

Streaming Sites

We all know we can easily jump straight onto Neftlix, mubi, Disney +, Hulu, Prime, or whatever we have log-ins into, to decide what and when we want to watch. Some highlights thrown our way have been;

Some of the huge selection box on Netflix where we can find films such as; The Christmas Chronicles, or if you’re in the mood for something animated Klaus, and if you need a little Bill Murray in your life why not try A Very Murray Christmas? 

If all else fails you can’t beat a bit of Frozen on Disney+; where you can also find Noelle, literally described to me as, and I quote, ‘Anna Kendrick at Christmas, what more can you ask for?’

For some tinselly, zombie musical madness, check out Anna and the Apocalypse. Scottish made and streaming on Hulu.

For those end of year blues, do you crave bleak cathartic release? Charlie Brooker of Black Mirror has created a roundup of the year 2020. Death to 2020 will be released on Netflix soon.

And hey, if you don’t trust our selections from streaming sites, check out this Den of Geek article which has every Christmas film listed alongside the service it’s hosted on.

Festive Telly

Let’s be honest, flicking through endless websites is not what holiday entertainment is about. Sometimes it’s far easier to let the programming Gods decide what we need to plonk down and watch.

For a bit of sing your lungs out magic there’s the usual big hitters coming our way. Grease (BBC One, 27th Dec, 5pm),  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Channel 5, Christmas Day, 3.10pm), The Sound of Music (BBC One, 27th Dec, 1.15pm). So grab a Christmas cracker microphone and sing the hits out loud enough for your neighbours to decide it’s easier to join in than tell you to simmer down.

Paddington 2 is on BBC One on Christmas Eve at 4.5pm. And it is a JOY.

We should never forget the classics as well. What would we do without It’s a Wonderful Life (Amazon Prime). And have you ever seen Some Like it Hot (BBC Two, Christmas Day, 1.15pm)?

Good old telly can also come to our aid with a selection of programmes that will be the perfect accompaniment to a box of mince pies and a glass of mulled wine.

CAKES. Yes you heard it. CHRISTMAS CAKES. The Great British Bake Off has a Christmas edition and you can watch it on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve, 7.40pm. Strictly Come Dancing dances itself into our homes on Christmas Day at 4.45pm. And if you are fans of task based comedy japery then Taskmaster on Channel 4 have a Christmas special (New Year’s day, 9pm),

A Little of the ‘Live’ Stuff

Now, it’s hard to replace the joy of seeing live performances but some of our friends across Scotland and further afield are making some truly wonderful Christmas performances that will be available to watch online. And we felt like it was our sacred duty to point some of these your way.

The Secret Theatre will be the first ever feature film from our friends over in Scottish Ballet. Starring characters from some of Scottish Ballet’s most popular festive ballets, The Secret Theatre promises to be a real festive treat. RCS has made a donation in our students name to support this work, so please do tune in – it’s sure to get you positively pirouetting!

National Theatre of Scotland is bringing to the party a new and site specific version of Rapunzel. Described as A Hairy Tale Adventure, it features a collection of RCS alumni as part of the creative team.

The Macrobert Arts Centre is cooking up a real mix of different things in the form of their production of The Magic of Christmas.

There’s usually any number of A Christmas Carols on  during December, and would you know it, this year is no different. The Old Vic seem to be leading the way with their big budget version written by Jack Thorne. Other A Christmas Carols are sure to be available.

Christmas is a also an opportunity to indulge in our more childlike side. The Tron’s popular show Ali the Magic Elf will be available online, and newly formed company of RCS alumni The Audio Story Company bring out a wee free treat The Lost Reindeer. Something to transport us all back to simpler times.

And then for something a little different? A little scare instead of Santa? Original Theatre are offering a streaming version of their horror play The Haunting of Alice Bowles.

There’s also plenty of music being offered too. RSNO has a whole series of digital concerts that are available on their website, and also a special performance; The Night Before Christmas

Last but not least, don’t forget we have our own Home from Home events at the RCS. So keep an eye on our website and your emails to see what you can get involved in – the Principal in a Santa outfit… yes please.

Also let’s not forget there’s also still some events happening around Glasgow that are sure to be worth setting out into the cold for. There might be a local market, some festive themed walks and businesses nearby who would be happy to see you  – social distancing rules permitting of course. Please remember to keep yourself and others around you safe!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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