Meet Our Junior Conservatoire Students: Missy

The RCS Junior Conservatoire is a nurturing and empowering space for young people aged 8-18 who want to improve their artistic skills, gain self-confidence and learn with other like-minded people.

In this blog series, we hear what some of those young people like about the Junior Conservatoire, and why they look forward to coming to classes every week.

Missy is a student on the Junior Conservatoire of Film programme, which is available for young people aged 14-18. Students can do one or both years of the course. Filmmaking is just one of the dozens of courses that we run at the Junior Conservatoire. Find out more and apply.


Missy is a Junior Conservatoire of Film student, learning all about the filmmaking journey, from coming up with an idea and writing a script, all the way through to filming, directing and editing a film.

“The Junior Conservatoire has definitely helped me to figure out what I want to do within filmmaking.” She says, “I am most interested in writing and directing.”

“At Juniors you can experience what it might be like to study your art form ”˜for real’, whilst at the same time meeting lots of talented people who have the same passion as you. It has been encouraging, inspiring and given me some great experience in filmmaking.”

The Junior Conservatoire of Film course is taught over 2 years by award-winning industry practitioners, with years of experience in the sector. The first year covers the basics of filmmaking, from writing a script, to directing and producing, to filming and editing. The second year expands on these skills and introduces new techniques and technologies.

Students study and analyse classic films, develop their own scripts and work with Junior Acting students to create short films.

“It’s a great opportunity for you to create serious work” says Missy, “but also have a lot of fun and meet like-minded people!”

“I was nervous for my interview but the tutors were very friendly and the conversation was two sided – it felt like a discussion, rather than an interrogation and I soon relaxed.”

“If you are considering applying, I’d say give it a go! The Junior Conservatoire has really taught me to be confident in my ideas and work, and to be comfortable sharing them because the best work comes out of collaborating with others.”



For 50 years, the Junior Conservatoire has nurtured and empowered young people to fulfil their artistic potential, develop essential life skills and explore a world of possibilities within the arts and far beyond. Many Junior Conservatoire alumni have gone on to study the performing arts full time (at RCS or elsewhere) but many have also taken the self-confidence and life skills taught at the Junior Conservatoire and gone on to excel in other fields such as journalism and medicine.

We believe that encouraging and supporting young people to be the best they can be in a vibrant, happy and encouraging environment can help them grow, finding self-confidence, new artistic influences, and making life-long friends in the process.

Young people aged 8-18 can come and study lots of different genres within music, dance, drama, production and film techniques, all within the same world-leading facilities and from the same expert, knowledgeable tutors that our undergraduate and postgraduate students have access to. Find out more about the Junior Conservatoire.


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