Champagne Flutes Full of Bru: An RCS Graduation Guide 2021

Here it is. The big day. After how many years? Of studying. Performing. Practising. Maybe a little bit of cramming? Be honest now.

However you got here. You’ve made it. You’ve nailed it. It’s graduation, and it’s time to celebrate all those amazing accomplishments from your time at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. 

Sadly we can’t all get together to celebrate in person. But have no fear. For this is still a day to be giein’ it laldy from the safety of your own bothy.

Here we have a few tips to share for you to make sure you celebrate in style (and safely) on the 1st of July.


Set the stage. Balloons, more bunting than, let’s be honest, should be hanging up in a single room. Party poppers for when your moment arrives.

Whatever it is, wherever it is, it’s the perfect place to be.


Get yourself full with a big hearty Scottish breakfast. Tattie scones are a must… and maybe treat yourself to something cheeky on the side. It is your day after all. Whatever you fancy – beans, mushrooms, grilled tomato, think big!

And remember, finger food to keep you going is imperative.


Have yourself the most luxurious of showers. Use every single conditioner, exfoliator, or gel that you own. You never know what that Zoom HD camera setting might pick up.

Now to get looking the part. Perhaps you’ve hired robes from Ede and Ravenscroft. Or maybe you want to celebrate your graduation in an RCS t-shirt.

Don those fresh claes. If robes – swirl them round you. Figure out how to pin them the right way. That’s it. You’re picture perfect – and remember to take a selfie.


Get those favourite tunes on. And, if you’re struggling to choose the appropriate soundtrack, this Spotify playlist with some of our favourite graduation bangers would work well.

Turn the volume right up to eleven. Like a prize fighter entering the ring. Gowned up, gloves on, bounce your way in front of the screen. We are in your corner.

How to share the day

Whether you’re with family or with friends, physically or digitally. Wherever they are, it’s time to check in with them. WhatsApp groups. Messenger chats. Twitter feed (where you can join us on #RCSGraduation), Instagram stories. Postal pigeons. There’s many ways to stay connected with your class mates and family to share the joy over celebration season. And however you’re doing it – rejoice with those who have supported you through the last so many years. For this is a day not only for you, but also for them.

Hook up your telly. Warm up that projector. Get your screen tilted just right so the summer sun doesn’t obscure the sight. 

Pour yourself a fresh glass.

You’re ready.

The stream is beginning.

It is here where you can watch your fellow graduates, one after one, being shown for the stars that you all are.

And when graduation is over, and your throat is hoarse, does the shine sun outside? Even if the day is a little grey. Get out there, do a wee jig, for the future is bright.

Here's to graduation 2021.
Here’s to our graduation class of 2021! Wishing you all the very best for the future.

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