Rhys is a leading light in festive show Cinderella

Meet Rhys James Gaughan, a BA Production Technology and Management student who is the Lighting Designer for this year’s acting festive show, Cinderella, running from Sat 7 Fri 13 Dec.

Rhys talks to us about how important lighting is to the process of telling a story on stage, what made his life happier and reveals his ambition to work with an international rock band!

How do you approach a project?

For Cinderella, I took part in some work experience with The Enchanted Forest, in Pitlochry, under the design team. From this, I gained an amazing insight into how lighting can convey a real sense of magic and wonder to the audience. I always want to be part of the story being told on the stage, and if I can create something that makes people say ‘wow’ and draws them in further, then that’s a win in my mind!

What advice would you give to current students?

I think that everyone has a certain way that they work best and finding your way will make life easier and happier in the long run. Also, people don’t care why it’s broken…they care that you haven’t fixed it yet! So always come with solutions and work smart.

Gianni Schicchi opera

Rhys was the Lighting Programmer for the RCS Gianni Schicchi opera

What do you want to do after studying with us at RCS?

I would love to be designing lighting rigs for big bands like Gorillaz or Red Hot Chili Peppers. The lighting designs on these big productions have inspired me as an audience member, and to be working on something like that would be my dream come true.

What advice would you give to students thinking of applying to RCS?

That it doesn’t really matter what level you are, this is a place to learn and grow as a technician. Be ready to work hard but remember that this is the best place to learn.

Be yourself and not the person you think you need to be!

Rhys was also the Lighting Designer for the Pyrotechnics Show 2019


Come and see Rhys’ magical work this December in Cinderella, from Saturday 7 to Friday 13 December, in the New Athenaeum Theatre at RCS. Book your Cinderella tickets today – we can’t wait to see you at the ball!

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