Six Ways to Practice Mindfulness

As we attempt to adapt to the swiftly changing environment we find ourselves in, we encourage you to take time to focus on the immediate priorities in front of you, your loved ones, your communities and you.

Mindfulness is a way to focus on the now. According to Mindful, it’s the basic human ability to be present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.

We thought we’d share a few resources that may be beneficial during this uncertain time:

  1. Lee Holland is qualified in performance psychology, professional coaching and mindfulness and she’s also a musician who teaches at RCS. She has written an insightful blog post about how to bring meditation into daily life. There’s also a short six-minute breath meditation.
  2. Six steps on how to be more mindful from the NHS include naming your thoughts and feelings to identify them more clearly and helping you to notice how often they appear.
  3. If you’re a musician, listen to the Music U podcast on how mindfulness is key to maximising the efficiency of practice sessions. Discover how mindful musicians obtain the skills and mental strength to not be bogged down on experiences or something that didn’t go right, as well as how to move forward, continue at full power and speed and have a successful practice session.
  4. The Wonderful World of Dance has suggested mindfulness phrases to help dancers improve their training.
  5. Visit the mental health charity Mind for mindfulness exercise and tips including meditation, mindful moving and eating.
  6. Type mindfulness into YouTube and you’ll be met with thousands of videos, from expert talks to guided meditations.


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