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23 Feb / 7.30pm

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Opera: Agrippina by G.F. Handel

21 Jan - 28 Jan

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Into the New 2017 - Telling the Bees

Mon 23rd Jan - Wed 25th Jan

Performance ensemble:
Ana Carolina Cunha Marcelino, Claus Otto, John Lemke, Kim B. Kjaerhus and Maria Braender.

When I went to read
the bulletin about broken holy beads
to the bees,
the beads were the bees themselves...

For a scattered bracelet of bees
lay on the grass by their burgled hive.

So how could I tell the bees?

Black blood in the sea.
Corn buttercup brought to its knee.
No honey for tea.

Carol Ann Duffy

Bees have become an endangered species.

Telling the Bees is an exploration of the interspecies relationship between human and bee, which could be seen as a microcosm of our current global climate crisis.

We need to tell the bees that:
- humans have done things which are changing the world
- humans will be lost without them
- Earth’s delicate ecosystems depend on human behaviour on a planetary scale
- we are full of questions
- we don’t have the answers yet
- we’re working on it.

As a tribute to biodiversity and sustainable co-existence, Telling the Bees is a speculative meditation on how to heal and protect the bond between humans and bees.

Maria Braender is a Danish performance artist currently based in Glasgow.

Previously, she studied at The European Film College and at Move and Act School of Stage. Maria enjoys entanglements of art forms and means of expression, and therefore aims for artistic processes to be exploratory and interdisciplinary.

Maria has collaborated with/performed for a number of different artists and companies including: Anna Katrin Egilstrød, Ines Bento Coelho, Jens Galschiøt, Laura Thompson, Lea Porsager, Lost in Sounds, National Television of Denmark, Stine Ruine and Suns of Satan.

Maria is a thankful recipient of the RCS Scholarship Fund Award.
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