Performed by Maria Monteiro
Subtitles in English are available for this work

This is an audience within an audience within an audience,

a screen within a screen within a screen,

a reality within a reality within a reality,

a stage within a stage within a stage,

a text within a text within a text,

a lie within a lie within a lie.

This is you within you within me.

Careful with what you wish to believe, there is no reality in Reality TV.



We accept the reality of the world which we are presented. We sit down, relax, and feel relieved. We are spectators. We are only here to be entertained. Are you happy now or do you want another version of myself?

Careful with what you wish for, perspective is in the eye of the beholder and change is in the hands of those who dare.

Good luck,


Content warning

This performance contains graphic descriptions of violence and an open online chat option with potentially abusive language.

How to view

This performance is viewable online only. You will receive a viewing link once you have booked a ticket. Click the link at the scheduled time and date of the performance to view the video stream. The performance will then be available for four days after the launch stream.

Approximate running time: 60 minutes

About Maria

Maria J. Monteiro is a Portuguese performance-maker and creative practitioner based in Glasgow. In 2012, she graduated from Acting at the Academia Contemporanea do Espectaculo in Porto. She will conclude her studies at BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2021. Her performance work stems from her personal fascination with pop culture, spirituality, and surrealism. She questions the role of audience and the artist within performance art by curating non-hierarchical works. Within educational contexts, her facilitation work is best described as experimental and participatory. Her focus lies on working alongside educators and young people aiming to spark holistic and creative learning opportunities. She is currently exploring how foreign language in classrooms can be used as stimulus to develop autonomy, critical-thinking, empathy and attainment.

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27 March - 6.30pm