Cold Fusion

I had two initial ideas, a slow one and a fast one.  Naturally, the fast one was chosen.  Cold Fusion is my ode to the jazz world and it’s champions whom I’ve long admired. 

I chose to focus on the clarinet as a leading force atop some kind of warped pseudo-band.  The tracks include a few programmed instruments, as well as some guitar and voice from myself.  Now I can feel like I’m part of the ghostly ensemble, comping away in the background without the pressure of having to get on a stage.  I really admire how free and quirky jazz fusion writing can be, and how it’s ambition often flirts with total disaster.  I hope ‘Cold Fusion’ manages to capture some of that flare and personality that I crave as a music fan. 


Clarinet: Fraser Langton


Calum is looking at the camera. He is wearing a t-shirt that says 'Diamond Dogs.'

Calum is a composer and musician based in Scotland. As well as a lifelong student of music, he is dedicated to visual and interactive arts and their sound worlds. Since beginning guitar lessons in his early years, he has performed live with many bands and ensembles across the UK, including Turbyne, with whom he has released albums to critical acclaim. Currently, he is pursuing a career as a composer, studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Integrating elements of classical, electronica, jazz and heavy metal, Calum continues to develop his personalized approach to music creation.

Recent projects include the release of Turbyne’s long-awaited album, ‘Arc,’ which was composed and produced over the duration of the 2020-21 lockdowns.  He collaborated with lead composer, Lewis Hart, on the soundtrack for indie video game “You Arrive in a Town.” He is currently writing music for independent projects, festival commissions and collaborative media.