Performed by Althea Young
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We already are what they spend all their time trying to be.

What’s that?



Binaries of reality and surreality, absence and presence overlap as objects become the main performers in a show that interrogates the relationship between art, artist and the act of living. Who are we when the art is gone? What are we when we are separated? And what is left for us to measure our significance by?

Exploring humanity through the lens of the non-human, Content Here shifts the balance of performance by heightening what is left when the performer steps back. This work experiments with the atmosphere generated in the relationship between people, objects, sound and light by disrupting and redistributing the conventional aspects of performance-making.

A sort of anti-puppet show that grapples to fill what is hollow and grieve what was always lifeless, Content Here attempts to make room for new ways of measuring what makes our lives meaningful, letting go of and paying homage to our moments of ecstasy. A collaboration between performer Althea Young and two non-beings.

Content warning

This performance contains nudity.

How to view

This performance is viewable online only. You will receive a viewing link once you have booked a ticket. Click the link at the scheduled time and date of the performance to view the video stream. The performance will then be available for four days after the launch stream.

Approximate running time: 45 minutes

About Althea

Althea Young is a Glasgow-based performer. Crafting emotional atmospheres as entry points for critical reflection, her work explores intimacy, loneliness and impossibility through material and technological mediums. She aims to connect with her audiences in contexts where connection seems impossible, using accessible technology such as phone calls to challenge what it means to touch, be with, and conceptualise our position in relation to one another in space and time. Outside of the theatre, Althea facilitates and collaborates with communities in medical contexts, focusing mainly on dance in hospices and geriatric facilities. Her experiences in these communities have played a large role in her developing understanding of grappling with social isolation, grief and the power of intimacy.

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26 March - 8.30pm