The initial idea had come from a desire to produce a Shepard-Risset tone, as an effect that I wanted to use for a large-scale work. I was commissioned to work with two instrumentalists, a violinist and a cellist, who performed as the duo, GAIA.

I began to work through the permutations of line movement, incorporating double stops, bow speed, sharing a line, etc. and it was through this process that I ‘discovered’ a piece.

In terms of the aesthetic choice regarding the lighting and stage setting, they were used to drive the central concept – ‘floating through time and losing semblance of identity within your reality.’

I wanted to give thanks to the duo GAIA, for their realisation of the piece and patience in trialling the ideas I had for the setting. I would also like to thank both of my tutors, for helping me connect my thoughts into a final score and Dr. Oliver Searle for not giving up and helping me through a tough year.


Violin: Katrina Lee
Cello: Alice Allen


Elijah Edo Morrison is a student of the BMus composition course, studying under Prof. Alistair Macdonald and Dr. Stuart Macrae.

They are interested in working within the realm of self-realisation and researching the means of translating this into the medium of composition. Their current artistic practice consists of; exploring the extremities of notation-based scores, the amplification of environmental noise pollution, and a focus on the hierarchical structure of lines within part writing for string ensembles. Their musical inspirations consist of, SOPHIE, Iglooghost, György Ligeti, Alvin Lucier and Sarah Hennies.

The following work was an experiment for a piece, consisting of solo voice and string ensemble.