Velvet Villagers

The orchestral pop music of the 60s and 70s always strike home-sounding chords within me. While listening, my nerves and inner organs immediately dress up in Velvet suits and start moving along to the Morning Traffic Bossa. In the afternoon they throw themselves between ropes and trapeze in tents at Frances’ Fun Fair and in the night they all meet up at the Lacuna Lounge for Cocktails, chatting away in the Opaqueness. They are the Villagers – and this is my way of honoring them.

I. Velvet Village: Morning Traffic

II. Frances’ Fun Fair: Matinée Shows

III. Lacuna Lounge: Opaque Night Cocktails


Red Note

Brush Strokes

my will is an oil painting,

filled with warm and heavy brush strokes

my will is nature, industry and the Dying Dandy

my will is an oil painting,

filled with warm and heavy brush strokes


Composer Ensemble


Gabriel Stenborg headshot

Gabriel Stenborg is a Swedish composer, currently in his first year at the Master of Music in Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, studying for Dr. Stuart MacRae.

Between 2016-2019 he studied his Bachelor of Music at the Academy of Music and Arts in Örebro, for Simon Bovin Schierup.

Interested in the relationship between notation and expression and the dissolvement of genre – Gabriel constantly tries to find new ways of communicating his extramusical thoughts and feelings through his music.