Walking into this room

within the building that contains all

One can see a dance

which does not find its fitting steps

But keeps on going


Studio Collective

Small Thoughts

Winters and introspection…

Remember being a child

and seeing the whole world in an apple?


Flute: Ruth Morley

Mezzo Soprano: Laura Bowler


Isidor ten Hooven - Headshot

Isidor ten Hooven (b. 1995) is a Dutch musician and composer of new music. A craving for aesthetics, but a raw output; that would be one way of describing his sound world.

Isidor’s goal is to create atmospheric, musical experiences, in which the human experience – meaning a combination of the unseeable inner world and what is being expressed – usually forms a big inspiration. There is often a particular impression as a starting point behind his pieces; an imagination of certain people, in certain moods, within certain contexts. To establish the final, concrete, musical form, flow and tension are essential factors. By using groovy elements, unpolished sounds (deriving from punk and industrial), classical traditions, folk influences and theatricality, he aims to keep the listener on the edge of their chair.