Apathy 1

This piece, in the first movement, uses a deterministic process to create a sound that is singular, desolate, and intimidating. A second pre-recorded looped cello part plays to increase the size of the sound. The second movement is different.


Violin: Katrina Lee
Cello: Alice Lee


This piece is for any group of four or more instrumentalists. It was written for the RCS Composers’ ensemble project. The piece uses a canon texture that simulates a rigid, controlled, digital delay, except with variety of timbre. There is a simplicity of process and outcome, whilst still requiring sustained focus from the musicians. This creates unity.


Composers Ensemble


Joe is smiling at the camera.

Joe Strike is a composer from Sheffield based in Glasgow, studying under Stuart MacRae at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Joe is interested in rhythm, dance and popular music, improvisation, long duration minimalism, and electronic sound processes, and enjoys finding new ways to explore these ideas through composing instrumental music. Joe also improvises, records, and experiments with music using clarinet, piano, guitar, drumkit, synthesisers and laptop.