The Invisible Sound

The Invisible Sound is about the unconscious communication of two performers on stage, and the exposed negativity, stress and panic – the ugly side of music. As a musician I know myself that there’s a behaviour code on stage, showing smiley and ready, so you can build positive expectations to the audience. I think my message highlights and naturalize the deep levels of insecurity, stress, and self-doubt at any stage of music career. 

In addition to that, I’m also trying to prove how important human interaction is, by cutting a simple but crucial element, eye contact (2nd movement). The result of that will reveal with no doubt how exposed and “lonely” a performer feels when he performs with someone else on stage but can’t have eye contact. The pandemic made me concentrate on the music making by the performers and attempt to create an experience that is for them, and less for the audience. We all have an ugly side inside of us. As long as we call it ugly, it will remain like that. I hope with my work that side becomes rather interesting and beautiful.


Violin: Katrina Lee
Cello: Alice Allen



Based in Glasgow (UK) since 2019, Konstantinos Terzakis completed his Master’s of Music in orchestral conducting with Martyn Brabbins, Garry Walker and Alasdair Mitchell, having been awarded a full scholarship by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has recently been awarded the Hugh S. Roberton Prize for Orchestral Conducting and the second prize of th 4th International Composer Award of Vienna. Alongside his studies, he has been expanding his training in Ballet conducting with Richard Honner.

Born in Athens (Greece), he graduated with B.Mus Honors in 2017 and was awarded the 1st Prize from the Ionian University. During his bachelor’s degree, he studied orchestral conducting with Miltos Logiadis, and pursued further study with Bart Bouckaert at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 2018/19.

He has been awarded the first prize of the 9th National Conducting Competition of Michalis Economou and has been a finalist in the Lanyi Conducting Competition and the 1st Conducting Competition of the Athens State Orchestra.

He has further developed his conducting by attending Masterclasses within and outwith his studies. These included study with distinguished conductors such as Thomas Søndergård, Mark Wigglesworth, Antony Hermus, Jessica Cottis, John Butt and Michalis Economou as well as with prestigious professional orchestras and ensembles such as the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Red Note ensemble and the Berlin Sinfonietta.

Examples of other past collaborations include the Red Note ensemble, TETTTIX, the Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Greek Radio Contemporary Orchestra and the Athens Symphony Orchestra.