It’s all I know and I love it so much

‘Where have you been so long?’ he cried. ‘There’s so much to tell you. You wouldn’t believe it, Marie! This whole, long life!’ 
– Robert Seethalter,  A Whole Life, 2014 (trans. Charlotte Collins, 2015) 


Piano: Edward Scully & Vita Hofinger Mihelic
Electronics: Ollie Hawker

Good news behind closed eyes 

This is a piece to do with desire, obscurity and fragility. It was developed by Ollie Hawker and Tilly Coulton in March/April 2021.  


Upright Saw: Ollie Hawker  
Flute: Matilda Coulton


Ollie is wearing sunglasses and smiling to camera

Ollie Hawker is a Glasgow-based composer and improviser interested in ideas of digital nostalgia and the internet as folk culture. He primarily writes for solo instruments/small ensembles and electronics, using the combination of acoustic forces and digital manipulation to delve into the strange mixture of romantic melancholy and dark seductiveness he finds within the areas of digital culture and the internet. In the attempt to explore this dichotomy, his work often blurs the lines between sincerity and irony, tragedy and comedy, banality and profundity.

Ollie recently completed his Masters degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he was awarded the 2020 Kimie Composition Prize. He has received recent commissions from Sound Festival, Cryptic, and Live Music Now Scotland, and has performed his live electronic pieces at Sound Thought Festival, Radiophrenia and the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. He plays in the bands Neuro Trash and Instruction Manual, and works as a music practitioner for the charities Paragon, Hear My Music and Drake Music Scotland.