Granules is an exploration of creating timbre within a very controlled, yet improvised configuration. The composition intends to test the parameters of the traditional ensemble playing where cues, motion and dynamics are triggered by a conductor, while the musical content is decided by the players themselves within a narrow stream of instruction for the resulting sounds. This ordered environment is juxtaposed by a responsive improvised solo. In a way, this piece is a reflex of how our subconscious mind is often reacting in a very intuitive way to our controlled surroundings.


Composers Ensemble

Tá Prá Ca Çá 51

This work is inspired by Brazilian rhythms, particularly the ones heard in the ritualistic drum performance of Candomblé, a syncretism between traditional religions of west Africa and Christianity. The structure of the piece represents the memory of important moments polarized by depictions of the mist that is human thought. Using a glass bottle of cachaça for percussionist 1 will enhance the character of this composition. It symbolizes protection or the power of immunity.


Percussion: Calum Huggan & Angela Wai Nok Hui


Pablo Martinez is wearing a checked shirt and blue jeans. He is smiling at the camera.

Pablo Martinez is a Brazilian composer and performer based in Glasgow. He has earned a diploma in Contemporary Music from Newpark Music Centre, furthered his studies in composition at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and is currently completing his undergraduate degree at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. His works have been performed by Chamber Choir Ireland, the RIAM Senior String Quartet, tutored by the RTÉ ConTempo Quartet, the Red Note Ensemble and others.

Having written for different combinations and styles, his varied approach to composition ranges from solo violin music contemplating grief, to chamber music celebrating Brazilian musical forms, and electroacoustic examinations of space and time.

He has also written and produced some film scores. His latest work for film was ‘The First Dance’ directed by Daragh Goan which was officially selected for the National Film Festival for the Talented Youth in Seattle, the Kerry Film Festival, and Elevation Indie Film Awards.