Ocean’s Call

This is my very first piece I’ve written knowing that it will be performed and recorded by a someone else. Writing this piece of music forced me out of my comfort zone because the entire composition process took place from start to finish inside Ableton Live instead of the usual Sibelius, and it was a very unfamiliar process and workflow.

Without the comforting sight of a stave, it really forced me to take a different approach with my writing and think outside the box. Working with a professional instrumentalist and digital plugins simultaneously was as fun and challenging as I had expected it to be. I challenged myself to go wild with the experimentation and manipulation of timbre and I ended up creating something that sounded like nothing I’ve composed so far.

Once again, thank you to everyone in the composition department for their support and guidance as well as to Fraser Langton for his patience and nailing the piece without a hitch.


Clarinet: Fraser Langton


YuFan is looking at the camera. He has dark hair and is wearing a white shirt.

Kuwait-born Yufan is an aspiring composer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. His works so far has often been described as ‘Hisaishi-esque’ and ‘like the epic music you’d hear while fighting the final boss in a video game’.

He began learning the flute in Kuwait under the tutelage of Dagmara Galas, and his ever-growing relationship with music eventually led him to the study of Composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland studying under Emily Doolittle.

His recent works include A Moment of Fusion, a piece written for large orchestra, as well as a jazzy reimagination of Appalachian Springs by Aaron Copland, written for trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, piano, upright bass and a drum set.