Into The New: in the Newspapers

Into The New: in the Newspapers

Published: 21/01/2016

Into the New: in the Newsapers

The annual Into the New festival has come to a close and once again the final year Contemporary Performance Practice has received excellent reviews from the press.

Headlined inThe National, the festival was noted for its “experimental cutting-edge performance” that “gives a real insight into the talent being fostered at RCS.” Read more from The Nationalhere.

The Herald also had high praise for Into the New, with reviewer Mary Brennan giving it four stars.

“From the first show of my day, Corrie McKendrick’s interactive treat for under-fives, through to the final blitzkrieg of music, costume and performance by Nima Seme in ICHI PINKS trulove, this was Into the New on a roll. Bereft of the Arches, this annual showcase of work by graduating students all from the Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland followed the example of Buzzcut festivals and installed itself at the Pearce Institute.” Mary Brennan

Read the full Heraldreview online here.


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