Principal Professor Jeffrey Sharkey comments on the launch of What’s Going On Now?

Principal Professor Jeffrey Sharkey comments on the launch of What’s Going On Now?

Published: 26/02/2019

Professor Jeffrey Sharkey, Principal of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland comments on the launch of What’s Going On Now?, a major and once-in-a-generation examination of music education and youth music-making in Scotland.

“This stark report demonstrates that music in Scotland’s schools stands at a crossroads and we need action.The evidence is clear: That despite the good work that’s been going on in extending engagement, there remains profound inequalities of opportunity which are now deepening due to local authority cuts.

“If Scotland doesn’t act now to ensure effective pathways for young people from all backgrounds to pursue their musical ambitions as far as their talent and hard work can take them, then the alternative is decline: music as a pastime for the wealthy, a profound impact on our economy and the cultural life by which Scotland is known internationally. We should not even be contemplating that.

“We at the RCS are committed to continuing to play a leadership role in developing and delivering innovative and affordable solutions through partnerships, teacher training and sharing our best practice but we can only be part of a Scotland-wide willingness to invest in our young people.”

Read the What’s Going On Now? report.

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