RCS Recommends … Podcasts

Finished your online class? Wrapped up your practice for the week? Are you over Houseparty drawing games with your parents? Never fear, each week we will compile our RCS Recommends list to give you a little bit of isolation inspiration for the week ahead.

This week it’s podcasts. With more than 30 million podcast episodes in the iTunes catalogue there is more than enough content to keep you entertained during isolation. We have asked some RCS staff for their top podcast recommendations. Have we missed a brilliant one? Let us know communcations@rcs.acuk


Corin Beattie, Junior Conservatoire Co-ordinator

I couldn’t pick just one – I’ve got three top pics!

Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

Edith Bowman speaks to directors; actors and composers about the music that has influenced them and what they have used in their films. It’s a great listen for anyone who loves movie soundtracks and she has great guests!

Listen to Soundtracking with Edith Bowman online.

Getting Curios with Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) interviews a new guest every other week from different professions. Politicians to writers; actors to chefs. It’s fun and you learn something at the same time.

The full series of Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness is available here.

RunPod with Jenni Faulcner

I had to have a running podcast in there! This is a great podcast for learning new tips and tricks for all levels of runner. Jenni talks to her celebrity runner pals and experts. I thought this might be useful for staff/students who are thinking of taking up jogging at this time.

Start your RunPod journey here.


Matt Adam, Artistic Planning Officer

Roddy Hart and Vic Galloway

Every week I make sure to listen to Roddy Hart and Vic Galloway’s shows on BBC Sounds after they air on BBC Radio Scotland. They both play brilliant artists on their shows and have great bands in for live sessions that I often haven’t heard of so it’s great for discovering new music. They are both also huge promotors of Scottish unsigned and independently released music so that’s a huge plus for me I love hearing how much amazing music is being made right on our doorstop!

Access these top shows on BBC Sounds.


Kimmy Shields, Recruitment and Admissions Officer

Like Corin, I also have three, I miss listening to podcasts on the daily commute!

West Cork

A must for anyone looking to lose themselves in one of the most gripping podcasts of the true crime genre. A haunting revisit to the scene of one of Ireland’s most notorious unsolved murders.

Download West Cork now from Audible.

The Assassination

A comprehensive investigation into the assassination of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, providing an interesting insight into early 21st century Pakistani politics and the Bhutto political dynasty.

Start The Assassination on the BBC now.

Intrigue: The Ratline

Beautifully narrated and edited by Philippe Sands, this 10-episode podcast covers the war crimes perpetrated by Otto von Wächter, a senior Austrian Nazi, and his subsequent escape from justice after the end of World War Two. Secret private correspondence between Otto and his wife Charlotte is read by Stephen Fry and Laura Linney.

The full series of The Ratline is available online.


Abbie Wallace, Short Courses Manager

Desert Island Discs

Surely one of the best (and longest running) radio shows ever made, the Desert Island Discs podcast is a condensed version of the BBC Radio 4 Sunday morning show, now hosted by Lauren Laverne. I listen to it every week I am obsessed with it.

Guests are invited to imagine themselves on a deserted island with only 8 music tracks for company (plus one book and a luxury item). The conversation is, of course, about so much more than their favourite tunes, and delves into their life story in often very surprising and poignant ways. I really love finding out a wee bit about all of these amazing people, many whom I might not have heard of

Favourite episodes include screenwriter presenter Ade Adepitan, journalist Hella Pick, actress Anne-Marie Duff, firefighter Sabrina Cohen-Haston and photographer Vanley Burke.

Catch up with the full back catalogue of Desert Island Discs on the BBC.


Linda Innes, Deputy Marketing and Communications Manager
David Tennant Does a Podcast

Of course I’d pick one from an RCS graduate!

This laid back podcast series sees David spend an hour chatting with his showbiz friends covering everything from how they first met, what it was like getting into the industry and, oh horror, revealing their true ages.

His impressive guest list includes Olivia Coleman, Jennifer Garner, Ian McKellen and Whoopi Goldberg however David Tennant clearly has excellent friendships with each of them so every episode is really just like two pals having a natter at his kitchen table.

And David’s voice is made for podcasting I could happily listen to him all day.

Catch up with David Tennant Does A Podcast.


We hope something from these RCS Recommends has taken your fancy. Let us know what podcasts you’ve been listening to and we’ll link them here: communications@rcs.ac.uk