The Paintshop at the Wallace Studios at Speirs Locks is a large purpose built painting studio which has a static paintframe [12m x 8m drop], accessed by a state-of-the-art fully automated bridge. This is used for painting backdrops and gauzes. Additionally, there is 12 x 7m of uninterrupted floor space, with a head height of 5.5m.

It is used for painting all of the sets and backdrops for the Conservatoire’s many in-house productions including Drama, Musicals, Operas and Pantomimes. It is also utilised extensively in the training of all Scenic Art /Production Arts students in drawing, painting, texturing, faux finishing and all other aspects of both traditional and contemporary scenic art techniques.

Two industrial sinks, with sump, allow for the safe use and cleaning of equipment when using water-based paints. Spray painting is facilitated by a silent compressor.