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Modern Ballet Graduation Performances 2024

Thursday 16 May – Saturday 18 May 2024
New Athenaeum Theatre, Glasgow


I am delighted to welcome you to the 2024 Modern Ballet performances. The opportunity to be on stage is the highlight of the year for our students and particularly special for our graduates. The preparation for these performances started many months ago, with each year group completing an intensive rehearsal period with three commissioned choreographers. Mark Bruce, Daniel Davidson and Deborah Norris worked with their groups to develop, create and rehearse their new works. This is an invaluable experience for the students – they learn how to contribute to a professional choreographic process, how to engage and pace themselves in rehearsals and how to adapt to a choreographer’s unique style and requirements.

Alongside continuing to rehearse these three works, some of our core team added their creative input – Diana Loosmore, Rowan McGregor and Fabrice Maufrais made new works which you will see performed. These diverse pieces are supplemented by traditional classical repertoire, which allows the students to hone their technique and performance skills. Finally, a student choreographed work which was the winner of our annual choreographic competition in December.

You will also witness the efforts of the production students during this performance, from stage management to lighting, sound, costume, props and scenic artists, the ballet performance is a learning opportunity for more than just our dancers! We are grateful to them for their support.

The Modern Ballet programme at RCS has grown in both size and reputation since it started in 2009, which is down to the combined hard work of our talented students and the entire programme team, who are committed to providing the very best teaching and professional preparation. The performances you will see on stage are a result of the whole year’s work, as the students build their skills in classes and rehearsals – we have a brilliant team of teachers and musicians who support the students’ learning. I am so grateful to all of them for the contribution each one of them makes. The staff team are truly committed to our students’ progress and their efforts reach far beyond the studio.

I would also like to acknowledge the continued support of Christopher Hampson CBE (Artistic Director/CEO) and the whole team at Scottish Ballet, which is so valuable to the programme.

Our 2024 graduates are very special – they are talented dancers but also generous, supportive and hard-working young artists. We have loved working with them since they joined three years ago and are proud of what they have achieved. We will miss them when they graduate but they are ready for their next steps and we cannot wait to see what they achieve.

Enjoy the show!

Kerry Livingstone
Head of Modern Ballet

Performance Running Order

Act 1

Waltz from Swan Lake
Choreography: Fabrice Maufrais
Dancers: Year 1 & 2
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake
(Act 1) Valse

Choreography: Daniel Davidson
Dancers: Year 3
Music: Smerz
Excerpts from Hester, Believer, Thrill, Worth It & Sure

Choreography: Li-Hsin Chu (Student
Dancers: Year 1
Music: Arvo Pärt: Für Alina
Philip Glass: String Quartet No. 3 (‘Mishima’) VI
Played by: Michael Barnett

Bluebird Pas de Deux
(from The Sleeping Beauty)

Staging: Fabrice Maufrais
Dancers: Year 1, 2 & 3
Music: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping
Beauty (Act III)

West Side Story
Choreography: Rowan McGregor
Dancers: Year 2 & Year 1 men
Music: Leonard Bernstein: West Side Story
The Dance at the Gym, Somewhere, America

INTERVAL (20 minutes)

Act 2

Excerpt from ‘Serenade’
Choreography: George Balanchine
Staging: Kara McLaughlin
Dancers: Year 3
Music: Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings in C Major,
Op. 48 I. Pezzo in forma di Sonatina

Choreography: Mark Bruce
Dancers: Year 2
Music: Tom Waits
Temptation, Hang On St. Christopher

Awakening the Forge
Choreography: Deborah Ward
Dancers: Year 1
Composer: Mingdu Li

Choregraphy: Fabrice Maufrais
Dancers: Antonia Cramb & Nicolas Pereira da Silva/
Ruby Chisholm-Bayer & Francis Thomas
Music: Johann Sebastian Bach: Cello Suite
No.2 in D minor, BWV 1008 I. Prelude

Choreography: Diana Loosmore
Dancers: Year 3
Music: Peter Gregson: Landing
Luca D’Alberto: Every Word Is Just Noise
Zoë Keating: We Insist

Meet the Students

Modern Ballet Students 2023/24

  • Tamsin Ahmad-Hambling 
  • Gabriella Baglio 
  • Jemima Bath 
  • Megan Borhofen
  • Bonnie Bradfield
  • Marius Chiang-Popa
  • Rowan Craske
  • Woody Freeman
  • Bridie Grice
  • Selene Guasti
  • Abigail Jardine
  • Jiah Kwon
  • Ines Lindeman
  • Isla MacLeod
  • Ryan McBride
  • Lucie McLaughlin
  • Beech Macdonald
  • Madeleine Newington 
  • Georgia Berry
  • Mabel Blair
  • Anna Bremner
  • Ruby Chisholm-Beyer
  • Li-Hsin Chu (Please see the choreographer section for more information.)
  • Elsa Cloutier
  • Antonia Cramb
  • Lily Dustan
  • Devon Martirez y McFarland
  • Sienna Moran
  • Aya Nishimura
  • Charlotte Norman
  • Melissa Oxley
  • Sophie Passant
  • Chloe Pearce
  • Nicolas Pereira da Silva
  • Evie Ryles
  • Francis Thomas
  • Tish Wood
  • Yui Yamato 
  • Rose Barford
  • Zara Bell
  • Layla Bruce
  • Tahlia Buckley
  • Sophie Gray
  • Olivia Harrison
  • Olivia Hunter
  • Sian James
  • Lily Mowbray
  • Mia Nicholas
  • Iana Phillips
  • Mary-Jean Riley
  • Aoife Rosenmeier
  • Jodie Sunley
  • Miyu Takasugi
  • Phoebe Watson
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Ellwyn Yardley
  • Hikaru Yoneyama
  • Kei Yoneyama 

Production Students

  • Francesca Rose
  • Beth Allnut
  • Holly Aitchison
  • Tricia Brown
  • Rebecca Gage
  • Eilidh Hammond
  • Mairi Smith


Conductor: David Watkin

Flute: Amy Wood

Clarinet: Isobel McKeeve



  • Catriona Duncan
  • Callum Speirs (covering shows on 18 May only)

Horn: Tyr Anger

Trumpet/Cornet: Rona Campbell

Violin 1

  • Scott Bryant 
  • Lee Young 
  • Carmela Feoli Chacon 
  • Clarissa Lim 
  • Isobel Skelton
  • Ana Carola Coss Torrez  

Violin 2

  • Lizzie Gange 
  • Mariia Zhuravlova 
  • Yoryina Svarna 
  • Mariia Bahach 
  • Sam Ellis*


  • Suzanne Godet* 
  • Nikita Vikhorev 
  • Saba Khutsishvili 
  • Bianca Wesley-Smith*  


  • Rebekah Lesan  
  • Francesca Masel
  • Ursula Coe 
  • Santiago Gil Durate


  • Megan Warnock  
  • Rhona MacDonald   

Modern Ballet Team 2023/24

Kerry Livingstone Head of Programme

Louisa Ross Programme Co-ordinator of Modern Ballet

Kara McLaughlin Lecturer in Modern Ballet

Michael Barnett Lecturer in Piano for Dance

Fabrice Maufrais* Lecturer in Modern Ballet

Diana Loosmore* Lecturer in Modern Ballet

*also a featured choreographer, please see the Choreographers section for more information

Lynfryn Mackenzie Production Manager

Iz Brett Stage Manager

Pimlabhas Unhasuta Deputy Stage Manager

Nathan George Stage Supervisor

Trudy Nelson Stage Technician

Grant Haddow Stage Technician

John Meggot Production Electrician

Jamie Burke Deputy Production Electrician & Programmer

Maxi Heddle Lighting Technician

Calvin Hill Lighting Technician

John Littlejohn Lighting Technician

Daniel Barclay Sound Designer / Operator

Cara Slaughter PSE

Nathan Farndale Sound Supervisor

Paige MacGillivray Sound Technician

Anna Antzak Costume Tutor & Supervisor

Nicola Russell  Costume Tutor

Mairi Smith Costume Manager: West Side Story & Temptation

Beth Allnutt Costume Maker: Serenade

Francesca Rose Costume Maker: Serenade

Inez Callan Costume Maker: Serenade

Holly Aitchison Scenic Artist

Tricia Brown Scenic Artist

Rebecca Gage Scenic Artist

Eilidh Hammond Scenic Artist

Ned Mundy Assistant Scenic Artist

Charlie Brooksbank Assistant Scenic Artist

Jacob Martin Assistant Scenic Artist

Aly Murray Assistant Scenic Artist

Kate Rafferty Assistant Scenic Artist

Tiffany Campbell Assistant Scenic Artist

Eve Carey Assistant Scenic Artist

Matt Whittle Assistant Scenic Artist

Simon Hayes Lighting Designer

Colin Chaloner Video Designer

Glenn Parkinson Scenic Cloth Designer

Daniel Barclay Sound Designer

Lucy Barnes

Matthew Broadbent

Maria Jiminez

Aya Kobayashi

Bethany Kingsley-Garner

Ruth Mills

Lewis Normand

Rowan MacGregor

Heather Rikic

Bethany Whiteside

Lucy Allan

Andrew Brown

Roger Glass

Sara González

Signy Jakóbsdottír

Iryna Melnychenko

Gabriella Molnár

Anna-Madleen Poll

David Robertson


Piano for Dance Students

  • Sonia Khachchouch
  • Luca Stoto 

Martin Lanfear Clinical Advisor

Fraser Johnstone Manual Therapist

Renee MacGregor Nutritionist

Stewart Lane Strength & Conditioning

Mia Mackenzie Physical Profiling

Glasgow College Sports Therapy Support

Athlete Focused Performance Science Advisors

Special thanks to Brian Brown and the students at the City of Glasgow College for Sports Massage Therapy.

Professor Richard Rose Ongoing support for the programme

Christopher Hampson Artistic Director/CEO at Scottish Ballet

Mary Mullen Head of Wardrobe at Scottish Ballet

Mathilde Darmady Production Support


Scottish Ballet: A Professional Partnership

We are grateful to Christopher Hampson (Artistic Director/CEO – Scottish Ballet) and all at the company for their ongoing and generous support of the programme.

The BA Modern Ballet programme was designed and is delivered in partnership with Scottish Ballet, giving students the opportunity to work with the world-renowned company, as well as acclaimed guest teachers and choreographers, throughout their studies. This offers a unique and invaluable insight into professional life whilst studying with us and students enjoy exclusive access to Scottish Ballet rehearsals.

There is also the opportunity to join the company on tour, and recently students have performed in Scottish Ballet productions of the world-premiere of The Scandal at MayerlingThe NutcrackerStarstruckThe Snow QueenCinderellaWee Hansel & Gretel and the Stravinsky season, which saw them take to the stage at the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden.

Swipe through Scottish Ballet images to view the latest work. Image credits Andy Ross and Rimbaud Patron.