The Board of Governors of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland is unambiguously and collectively responsible for overseeing the RCS’s activities, determining its future direction and fostering an environment in which RCS’s mission is achieved and the potential of all of its students is realised. The Board of Governors ensures that RCS complies with the legislative, regulatory and best-practice framework within which Scottish higher education operates.

The Board of Governors has ultimate responsibility for the deployment of resources in RCS and for the strategic plans of the institution. It also has a monitoring role in relation to the overall performance of RCS, and the Principal is accountable to it for the effective and efficient management of RCS. The Board of Governors is responsible for the well-being of RCS’s staff and, with the Academic Board, it is also responsible for the well-being of students and for RCS’s reputation.

The Board of Governors is also the Board of Directors of RCS in its capacity as a Company Limited by Guarantee with shareholders.

The membership of the Board of Governors is prescribed by Statutory Instrument: the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Order of Council 2014 as amended by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Amendment Order of Council 2020 (the “Order”). Within the terms of the Order, the Board must operate with between 21 and 29 Governors, comprised of the following categories:

Lay Governors

Not less than 11 and not more than 19. Within those upper and lower limits, it is for the Board to determine the number of Lay Governors to be appointed.

The Chair;

Senior Lay Governor.

Lay Governors are not remunerated and are appointed to the Board of Governors by the Board of Governors. The role of Chair is elected according to the requirements of the Higher Education Governance (Scotland) Act 2016 and the Vice Chair is selected by the Lay Governors.  The Board also appoints a Senior Independent Governor from amongst Lay Governors who, amongst other things, leads an annual appraisal of the Chair’s performance.

Ex Officiis

The Principal;

The Deputy Principal;

The President of the Students’ Union; and

The Vice President of the Students’ Union.

Staff Governors

One appointed by the Academic Board from among the members of the full-time academic staff who are members of the Academic Board;

One elected by the full-time academic staff from among such staff; and

One elected by the full-time professional services staff from among such staff.

The Board of Governors meets in full four times per session. There is an AGM held in December each year. Any Conservatoire student or staff member may attend a Board meeting as an observer – 2 weeks’ notice of such attendance should be given to the RCS Secretary.

Further Information

Detailed information on the work of the Board is provided in the tabs to the left. That information includes the process through which new Governors are appointed. If you are interested in becoming a Governor, or require further information on any aspect of the Board’s work please contact the RCS Secretary.

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