Statement of Primary Responsibilities

The Board’s Statement of Primary Responsibilities sets out the Board’s purpose, responsibilities and accountabilities. The Statement also identifies those powers which the Board reserves to itself and summarises the roles and responsibilities of the various categories of Governors and of the Secretary. The Statement is kept under review by the Board and reflects the Board’s various statutory and other regulatory responsibilities and obligations. The Statement also provides an important reference point for the Board’s periodic effectiveness reviews.

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Statutory Instrument

The powers and categories of membership of the Board of Governors and the Academic Board are prescribed by Statutory Instrument, which is given below:

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Articles of Association

The Conservatoire’s Articles of Association reflect the requirements of the Statutory Instrument and also the fact that the Conservatoire is a company limited by guarantee with a shareholding. The Articles of Association detail how the Board should conduct its business and they are given here:

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Board Membership

Becoming a Governor

New Lay Governors are appointed to the Board from time to time on the basis of the Board’s analysis of its membership in terms of the balance of skills, attributes and experience of its current members.

We are looking to appoint two/three new lay members who have a strong personal commitment to performing arts education and who will support the Conservatoire in achieving its ambitions, ensuring that it is governed and managed effectively.  Because we wish to maintain a balance of expertise across the Board, on this occasion we are particularly looking for people with:

  1. experience and expertise in digital arts and AI futures in the performing arts and/or
  2. experience in national level cultural and/or educational policy setting.

See available positions.

If these specific roles are not for you, but you would like to submit an expression of interest about becoming a member of our Board on a future occasion, please contact the Academic Registrar and Secretary, Professor Vicky Gunn. Your application will then be considered by the Board’s Nominations Committee, which maintains a register of individuals who have declared an interest in becoming a Governor of the Royal Conservatoire. If a suitable vacancy arises on the Board, you may be invited for interview.

Staff and students of the Conservatoire are most welcome to suggest candidates for consideration as Lay Governors. Any such suggestions should be passed to the Board’s Secretary, who will relay them to the Nominations Committee.

Equality and diversity

In meeting the required elements of experience and expertise, the Board will seek to achieve a balanced membership in terms of equality and diversity. The Board will also seek to achieve a blend of experience both from across Scotland, mindful of its national role, and beyond Scotland, so as to maintain appropriate ethnic, national and international perspectives.

Specifically in terms of gender, the Board committed to achieving a minimum of 40% of either gender of lay governors by 2018. This was achieved and the lay Governors in the current Governing Body (2023) comprises 50% female and 50% male.

In 2020 the RCS began work on a comprehensive Anti-Racism Action Plan which is live on the RCS website under Equality and Diversity.

Balance of skills, attributes and experience

The Board has identified the range of skills and experience which, collectively, it must include within its membership so as to effectively meet its primary responsibilities. The Board’s statement in terms of its desired balance of skills and attributes is given below:

Download the Board of Governors: Balance of skills, attributes and experience

Role and Person Specification for a Governor

As well as identifying the skills mix which the Board needs, the Board has also identified the role and person specification for individual Governors (irrespective of her/his particular area of expertise). That specification is given below:

Download the specification for the role of Governor

Minutes of the Board of Governors

Minutes of the Board of Governors are published fully except where matters of confidentiality relating to individuals, the wider interests of the Conservatoire and the observance of contractual obligations, or the public interest demands. Approved minutes are given below:

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Meeting Dates

The Board of Governors meets four times a year and an AGM is held in December of each year. Any Conservatoire student or staff member may attend a Board meeting as an observer – 2 weeks’ notice of such attendance should be given to the RCS Secretary. Current meeting dates are given below:

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Committees of the Board

The Board operates a number of Committees which, in accordance with their agreed remits, undertake work on behalf of the Board. These Committee are:

Academic Board

Audit and Risk Committee

Infrastructure Committee

Fundraising Committee

Fair Access Committee

Finance and General Purposes Committee

People and Culture Committee

Nominations Committee

Remuneration Committee

Lay Governors are appointed by the Board to those Committees, which report to each meeting of the Board. Committee remits are given here:

See Committee Structure and Remits