Jillis a graduate from Trinity College London where she specialised in piano accompaniment. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology for Musicians from Sheffield University and attained a PhD in Music Psychology from Edinburgh University. Jill previously taught Keyboard Skills and Listening and Musicianship at Edinburgh University where she is a member of the Institute for Music in Human and Social Development. She has extensive experience as an educator, having taught both class music in schools and piano to individual students.

At RCS, Jill leads the Practitioner Enquiry module on the MEd Learning and Teaching in the Performing Arts programme. She lectures on other undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and is a co-coordinater of the Introduction to Music Psychology module in the School of Music.

Jill has given many presentations at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally and her current research focuses on expanding knowledge in the area of music in social relationships, the role of teaching in the performing arts and the impact of music in health and wellbeing.


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