Dr Una MacGlone has research interests in improvisation, pedagogy and social and wellbeing effects of creative music-making. She is co-editor of an anthology: Expanding the Space for Improvisation Pedagogy (2019), published by Routledge. Her research uses person-centred and mixed-methods approaches to develop understandings of creativity and interdisciplinary settings.

As a double bassist, she has a wide range of professional experience across classical, pop/folk, jazz, experimental genres of music. She is an experienced creative educator with a specific focus on Early Years and individuals with an additional support need. She is a founder member of Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra (GIO) and devises pieces using improvisation as the central creative process. Her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3 as well as on TV in Germany and Japan. She has an international profile as a teacher of free improvisation, and has given workshops and lectured across Europe and North America.