Dr Gordon McPherson was born in Dundee in 1965. He studied at the University of York and returned there for his Doctorate. He followed this with post-doctoral work at the Royal Northern College of Music. Recent works include: ”˜The Baby Bear’s Bed’ – a large amplified work commissioned for London-based ensemble Icebreaker and premiered in Vienna; ”˜The Waterworks’ a large, hour long multi-media investigation into alien abductions, commissioned and premiered by the Paragon Ensemble; ”˜The New Black’ a large scale orchestral work commissioned by the BBC; ”˜Ghosts’ three orchestral nocturnes, funded as part of the Creative Scotland Awards; and ”˜Blood’– a concerto for oud and orchestra commissioned by the National Youth Orchestra of Iraq.

He has recently completed ”˜Stunt Doubles’ for sextet and virtual sextet, commissioned for the twentieth anniversary of Psappha, which has resulted in a series of duo ”˜Stunt Doubles’ for various solo and virtual solo instruments, recent additions include ”˜Page 40’for cello and virtual cello; and ”˜ThePounding Room’ for piano and virtual pianocommissioned as the test piece for the 2017 Scottish International Piano Competition.He is currently working on”˜Meat’- an alien conspiracy opera for robotic voices; and ”˜The Passions’ a large scale music theatre version of the Passion of Christ commissioned by Red Note, based on the Lorimer Scots translation of the New Testament to be premiered in 2016-2017 season.

He has taught composition since his student days and has posts at the University of Edinburgh, University of St Andrews, RNCM as well as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he was asked to build a composition department in 1999 – something that has kept him very busy for the past seventeen years.