Tom David Wilson was born in Manchester in 1957. In the 1970’s he was a student at the Birmingham Conservatoire where he studied composition with Andrew Downs. In the 1980’s he was a student at Goldsmiths College, London University where he spent five years studying composition with Melanie Dakin and Edward Gregson. For ten years he was Head of Woodwind and Tutor for Academic Music at Uppingham School in Rutland but since 1989 he has lived in Scotland where he teaches composition at the R.C.S. and at St. Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh.

2013 has seen a second performance of “Estrif”  by ECME, first performances of “Horn Quartet”, “Flute Quartet” (Red Note Ensemble), “Musette for solo ‘cello” (Duncan Strachan), “Piano Sonata One” (Simon Smith), “Locus Quartus”  and “Locus Sextus” (Ensemble 3hree 9ine), “Clarinet Trio” and “Trio in Eb” (The Newtown Ensemble). As part of his “Six New Pieces – Six Orchestras” project, two more short pieces for armature orchestras have been performed in the autumn of 2013; “James Jumps”  for the St. James Orchestra, and “Latino Slow”  for the Amicus Orchestra and a fifth in the series, “American Glitz” was premiered in June 2014 with the St. Mary’s Orchestra conducted by Christopher Adey.

Selected works are deposited in the RCS library and at the Scottish Music Information Centre. Enquiries can be made via the composer at the RCS.

Listen to Tom’s work:

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